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Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet


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Conductor of orchestra

 Recent events... 
=> 2020, June: Patrimonio n° 7 - Residencia de la música - La casaquinta Pietrafesa-Bonnet, Nelson Inda
=> 2019, July: Babel  FM - Renée Pietrafesa, the programmer of July
=> 2018/10/10: UNI radio, Núcleo 51 - “Me preocupa que los niños no escuchen buena música” (6 mn)
=> 2018/09/28: El Icegerg, Clásica: En la casa de Renée (54 mn)
=> 2018/03/07: Philharmonic of Montevideo, International day of the Woman
=> 2017/10/12: UNI radio, Núcleo 51 - Interview of Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet (56 mn)
=> 2016/10/24: Ceremony of Declaration of Illustrious Citizens of Montevideo

We bid farewell to Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet
keeping the memory of an immensa artist and a great friend

=> 11/03/2022 - Temporada del Núcleo Música Nueva: "La guitarra hoy", concert by Uruguayan guitarist Julián Croatto who will perform works by composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.
It will be integrated compositions of Henrik Dewes (Germany, 1992), György Kurtág (Hungary, 1926), William Ortiz (Puerto Rico, 1947), Graciela Paraskevaídis (Argentina, 1940-Uruguay, 2017), Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet (Uruguay, 1938-2022) y Sofía Scheps (Uruguay, 1987).
=> 28/10/2022 - Concierto Sincronías, works of Sofía Scheps, Renée Pietrafesa, Martha Lambertini, Sofía Gubaidulina and Camilo Rodríguez by Natalia Bibbó (flute) and Irene Porzio (piano), auditorio Facultad de Artes
=> 06/26/2022 - Remembering Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet through her music, a Núcleo Música Nueva concert
Renée's instrumental and electroacoustic works will be interpreted by the Ars Musicæ Ensemble and Carolina Hasaj, Mariana Airaudo, Natalia Bibbó, Daniel Francis, Antonio Laviano, Irene Porzio, Agustín Texeira and Beatriz Zoppolo.
Recently, on the site: 
=> Progressive online release of data on concerts prior to 1990
=> 36 Interviewes of Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet,
upload of the 36 interviews led by Jorge Ángel Arteaga,
from 1998 to 2005 in the Music and Música y Músicos del Uruguay - RNU Emisora CX6, Sodre
Digitized between 2020 and 2022 by the RNU Phonographic Archive team
=> VidéoElación "A Àngel Turriziani" for ensemble of 17 musicians: of flutes, oboes, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn,
trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion (triangle, vibraphone and tam-tam), violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello and double bass
 => Scores, gradually put online scores by Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet, October 2021
 => Para Flauta 2019, Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet, november 2020
On chimera, Núcleo Música Nueva 2020 cycle
 => Music workshop, september 1997
Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet and Cristina Garcia Banegas
present 6 Concertos for Two organs, Father Antonio Soler



What they wrote about her:

La Quinta del Arte« Brought up in the stern order of the seven pianos of a house, similarly painted by Goya, kind of "Quinta del Sordo", Uruguayan temple of music, in utmost Latin America. Priest angel, with a sharp profile, sprung up out of the copper chips bursting out her childish hair: She is currently in the midst of creative process, through contemporary technique learnt in Paris.

A revolutionary born within tradition, she naturally knows how to make us effortlessly take part in the ultimate, often disconcerting, musical discoveries. This initiation is a privilege. This privilege is absolutely necessary so that music be revealed to all music lovers, not reserved for high-brows in the know. This gift of communication, at a high level, does not scare Renée Pietrafesa, for it has always been her companion. It follows her faithfully as she faces her audience, along her tireless path: Composer, conductor, player, sometimes painter, and always authentic. »

Bernard Bistes, 1978

=> Interviews: Renée Pietrafesa. Valorar la expresión. (Uruguay Cultural), En la casa de Renée (El Icegerg, Clásica 54 mn)


"A sane reaction to the international monotony of contemporary music",
El Dia, 1976, R.F. Lagarmilla, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"An apparently strange blend of Mozart and Schubert, however a good, stimulating experience of the moment",
El País, 1976, E. Friedler, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"R. Pietrafesa gave rise to the enthusiasm of the youth, and to the protestations of the elders",
Journal des Journées Musicales de Vernou, 1976, Langeais, France.

"imagination swifter than thought",
Critiques Musicales du Centre Culturel de Censier, 1976, Paris, France.

"major achievement on a creative basis: first performance of "Organum", conducted by herself, and a remarkable result of her young choir",
El País , 1978, E. Rodriguez, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"homogeneous and appropriate demonstration with "Mimo 13, Aqui, El agua del arroyo and El roce de la sombra de un pez" of R. Pietrafesa",
El País, 1978, E. Rodriguez, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"She creates an atmosphere of high sensitivity which blossoms in a finale of poetry",
El País, 1983, Washington Roldán, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"...This treatment of voice together with acoustic as well as electronic instruments generates a warm, human atmosphere",
El País, 1984, E. Friedler, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"...conjugates in an elegant and original fashion theses indigenous themes with current techniques of composition, creating polytonal textures, highly expressive sections of atonal and polyrhythmic forms",
El Dia, 1985, N. Giguens, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"Renée Pietrafesa expresses her musical ideas with her peculiar efficiency. [...] The composer's language is strengthened by her freedom",
Brecha, 1986, J.J. Iturriberry, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"with her perpetual lyricism, the composer handles an interesting ambiguity in her harmonic and melodic language. There is an everlasting feeling of seeming but not being, which ends up to be most puzzling",
El País, 1997, E. Rodríguez Barilari, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Conductor of orchestra

"Wherever R. Pietrafesa is, the music acquires a special effervescence, captivating anyone attending",
El País, 1958, Washington Roldán, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"a conductor with genuinely faithful skill and taste",
El Dia , 1978, N. Giguens, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"R. Pietrafesa conducted Vivaldi: a gorgeous luxury through her accuracy, her bright and gripping sound"
La Mañana, 1978, J. Novoa, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"Pietrafesa got an excellent response from the orchestra, performing a piece by Bach with intelligence and harmony"
El Diario, 1978, R. Ponce de León, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"R. Pietrafesa superb professionnal, performs music with tireless enthusiasm, and this absent and negligent look of a recalcitrant amateur"
El País, 1978, E. Friedler, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"accomplished musician, performer and composer who reveals herself as the ideal cement of this organisation whose activity enlightens the Alliance Française of Montevideo"
La Mañana, 1978, J. Novoa, Montevideo, Uruguay.


"This young pianist's precocious maturity, the gravity of her attitude towards music, her inner serenity, the perfection of her sense of rhythm, her complete sense of a global vision of the musical work are amazing"
El País, 1958, Washington Roldán, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"everything is perfectly analysed and thoroughly felt"
La Tribuna Popular, 1958, H.R.M., Montevideo, Uruguay.

"her piano performance is perfect, her confidence is absolute; her phrasing, her rhythm, her dynamics, and her technique, make her an exquisite player"
El Plata, 1958, I.R., Montevideo, Uruguay.

Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet"la fraîcheur, la spontanéité et le quelque chose d'aérien et de presque angélique du jeu de R. Pietrafesa..."
El Dia, 1976, Y.R., Montevideo, Uruguay.

"tout le concert fut un délice permanent... interprétation magistralement anti-pédante et pourtant raffinée et exquise"
El País, 1978, E. Friedler, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"la musique n'est pas une profession, mais sa raison de vivre"
El País, 1976, Washington Roldán, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"qualité presque unique dans la sonorité, le legato parfait, le sens du cantabile et la souplesse du phrasé de R. Pietrafesa..."
El País, 1976, Washington Roldán, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"son toucher a eu la clarté, la transparence et la ductilité qu'exige le quatuor en Mi b Majeur de Mozart pour piano violon alto et violoncelle"
El País, 1978, E. Friedler, Montevideo, Uruguay.

"le documentaire sur R. Pietrafesa [Renée Pietrafesa, Compositeur-interprète] réalisé par Eva Houdovã en juin 1977 a été choisi par la critique et le jury du 5e festival international du film à Besançon : cette jeune musicienne uruguayenne enseigne à Paris et explique sa conception personnelle de la musique".
Festival International de Besançon, 1978, France.

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