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CD: Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet
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 « In some pieces I use the string of the piano, I prepare it and, in the last "Mutabile", I integrate it with a guitar and a sitarel.The intention is in operating the rythmical parameter possibilities while playing on tone and expressiveness. In discursive works, I look for a clarified and progressive dynamics. »
1974 : Pequeña mutación Impro Bruselas


1975 : Helicoidal por piano with 4 hands
In Helicoidal, I seek to give the sensation of a time that does not pass, giving by a Fa sharp that repeats itself as pedal note from the beginning to the end, and sounds as an axis aroud which passes the totality of the piece, as if in a spiral. It is a continuo that evolves in linear progression in crescendo and accelerando and later in diminuendo and ritardando, superposing to a linear time in the low register, a time in cyclical movement given by the chords of the sharp register that always are repeating themselves.


1976 : Preludio n° 2 for prepared  piano


1982 : Translaciones "To my mother Renée Bonnet"
In Translaciones, the whole piece arises from a cell without precise tonality with several pedal notes which give it unity. There surges an insistent element that struggles to emerge from the first cell, from the low notes to the high one, as a melodic line that is developing expressively like as if remembering the form sensation of the process of our existential search, which after a climax comes to a coda or reflection and the last appearance of a motive emerging from the first cell, not as an end, but as a new interrogation and opening.




1987 : Piece n° 1 for prepared  piano


1989 : Piece n° 4 for prepared  piano


1990 : Piece n° 5 "To Becho"


1992 : Fantasy for prepared  piano and orchestra
In the Fantasia, I built a structure based on five elements that correspond to states of mind and emerge from one another. The first one is a rithmic cell with an enegetic allegro given by the piano and, later, the orchestra, that expresses feeling of questioning and struggle, the second is given by chords or clusters of various families of instruments or by the tutti, thatt represent expectations or discouragement, the third is given by a sonorous investigation that permits elaboration and ability to progress towards the fourth state that I call "giving oneself vital courage" until arriving to the fifth state in a dance and expressive melodic form that culminate positively the whole process, starting it over again.


1995 : Resonancias, pequeña reflexión "To the homeless kids"


From country folk sings and danses of Uruguay


Augurios Impro 21


Mutabíle Impro 19 for prepared piano, guitar and sitarel about songs and danses of Uruguay


1998 : Impro 20


1998 : ...Y todavía más... Candombe Impro 22


2000 : AudioclipCanciones y danzas "About Uruguayan Peasant Songs and Dances"


Fantasy 2000


Impro 20 Candombe 2000


Mutabile 2000 2001


Resonancias por la Paz (1995)


2002 : Poema Ritual - Tiempo del corazón


Piano (premiere 2002)


"Por la vida" (premiere 2002)