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CD: Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet
...Acoustic, mixed and electroacoustic music !

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« Within an orgiinal aestthetic proposal, Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet brings us next to her creation with works for piano, organ, instrumental and vocal groups, symphonic orchestra, mixed works for instruments, voices and electronic means, improvisations and electroacoustic works ».
Several works presented in this album belong to a set of chamber music pieces, little pieces of intimate mood, in which different instruments blend with the synthesizer or tape, in order to achieve a totally expressive result.
The synthesizer allows to establish, in a quite accessible way, "le lien" between a new technology and purely instrumental practice. It is used and played in this work in real time,.like any other instrument or processed at runtime with other instruments or, lastly, allowing a certain and elaborated sonority in electroacoustic music studio.
From rhytmic point of view, some pieces (A 3, Travesuras, TanMilonCan, etc.) contain several passages in whichquick syncopated displacements of accent appear, based on rythms like candombe, tango and milonga. Interpreters are allowed, when suitable, to impovise from different proposals, vary them and even modify them during execution.
It is in tha aesthetic axe of a synthesis among the endless possibilities of the electroacoustic and of the instrumental execution, the perfectly determined one and the undetermined one, the frontal and the spacial perception, where I find a specially fertile soil to express the content.
2002 : Improvisación 2002
To Angel Turriziani. Piano: Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet - Concert recording. Paris (France)
2002 : Improvisación 2002
To Héctor Tosar. Piano: Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet - Concert recording. Paris (France))
1982 : ¿Por que?
To my mother, Renée Bonnet. Piano: Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet - Concert recording. Manosque (France)
2002 : TanMilonCan, for piano with 4 hands
Piano: Luis Battle - Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet - Concert recording. Montevideo (Uruguay)
1995 : Resonancia por la paz
Piano: Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet - Concert recording. Strasbourg (Franc
1995 : Improvisación Continuo "Caminando..."
for prepared piano, guitarra, sitarel and magnetic tape, on dances and songs of Uruguay.
Piano: Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet. Guitarra:  Amílcar Rodriguez Inda.
Sitarel: Ariel Ameijenda. Montevideo (Uruguay)
1990 : Improvisación for organs on Quiché theme "Pleno"
Organo: Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet - Concert recording. St-Paul Church, Lausanne (Switzerland)
1979 : A 3 o Sugerencias for violin, viola and synthesizers
Violin: Laurent Cuniot. Viola: Denis Dufour. Synthetizers: Yann Geslin. Paris (France)
1975 : Travesuras
for oboe, harpsicord, piano, double bass, synthetizer, marimba, vibraphone, organo, timbals and bongo.
Oboe: Michel Henry. Harpsicord: Odile Bailleux. Piano and synthetizer: Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet.
Double bass: Unal Erte. Marimba, vibraphone andt timbals: Atsushi Suganara.
Organo: Acuna Maureira. Bongo: Martin Saint-Pierre - Concert recording. Paris (France)
1996 : Translaciones "Déjennos la esperanza" Version 3
Symphonic orchester of the Conservatoire de Strasbourg,
Conducting: Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet - Concert recording. Strasbourg (France)
2006 : ¿Que le pregunto?
Featuring Pierre Schaefer's voice. Technician of sound: Pablo Rosa. Montevideo (Uruguay)
2000 : "Quetzal"
To Freedom. Manosque (France)
1972 : "A los olvidados"
Recorded in the American Center's studio. Paris (France)
2004 : "Mujeres" de Luis Masci, 4 moments
Comedia Nacional. Conducting: Nelly Goitiño. Technician of sound: Pablo Rosa. Montevideo (Uruguay)
2005 : "Almuerzo con Ludwig" de Thomas Bernhard, 3 moments
Institución Teatral El Galpon. Conducting: Nelly Goitiño.
Technician of sound: Pablo Rosa. Montevideo (Uruguay)


  1. El Pais Digital: Recopilación valiosa de una notable compositora
    Renée Pietrafesa Bonnet es un paradigma. Pedagoga, divulgadora y compositora inquieta siempre ha demostrado una capacidad sin límites para la experimentación.